How to Undertake Yoga Successfully

how to do yoga Yoga requires only your predisposition, concentration, and a peaceful atmosphere; therefore, it can be performed right in the comfort of your own home at any time that you find it to be adequate. When you start yoga, you must focus on what you’re doing instead of the pending tasks that are in your agenda.
In order to start feeling the benefits of yoga in great measure, conducting twenty minutes three days a week of it should be sufficient. When you are about to perform a yoga posture, find a quiet corner in your home where no one can bother you and not much furniture that can distract you.

Take your shoes off. It is recommended to do yoga barefoot or in socks and to wear comfortable clothes. Candles can help create a relaxed atmosphere, which makes them ideal for when you are undertaking yoga.
Yoga is a simple practice that works for the body and mind, so it does not require many accessories. Below, we list the main yoga accessories that you should think about attaining to better your postures:
The mat is a kind of anti-slip mat that is used to make yoga postures and avoid slipping. It also allows you tolie without direct ground contact.
The belt or belt yoga is used only in specific positions that require a belt to be performed.
The bolster is like an elongated and rounded cushion, which has a certain volume and soft texture. It is used to lie on it and to raise some areas of the body if desired.
Aerial Swing
This particular accessory is a swing that can help you maintain certain positions. It is used only in very specific exercises.
Cervical Pillows
These are pillows for the cervical area.
The yoga exercises are adapted to our body and our age. Here we propose three yoga asanas or yoga postures that are a basic starting point for those who want to discover yoga from home:
To begin, place your knees with your feet together, buttocks on the heels and arms next to the body. Then the body inclines toward the ground without lifting the buttocks heels. Put your forehead on the mat and relax your arms.
Health Benefits That Can Be Attained: It strengthens the back and relaxes the hip.
First, sit with your legs straight and your spine erect. Hold feet with your hands. Try to bring your forearms to the floor without bending the knees. Finally, release the foot as you inhale and raise your head slowly to the starting position.
Health Benefits That Can Be Attained: This posture is ideal to relax the back.
Doing this posture is very simple. You have to sit on the floor with your back straight. Bend your knees and place your shoulders down, relaxed and stretched.
Health Benefits That Can Be Attained: Relaxes and releases tension of all the muscles of the spine. It is an exercise that is used for meditation and breathing.



BY  Karen Dolby



Karen Dolby